Human body is incredibly powerful, adaptive and unique. My vision is to help individuals find balance
between mind and body health that will allow them to optimally perform within their performance

About me

Ana is holding a medical degree (MD) and is currently doing residency in the field of internal medicine. She’s also a massage therapist with a national qualification certificate.

Sports and human body performance have been her passions since childhood. During primary and high-school years she was actively training athletics and became even more interested into sports medicine. In that time she started with education in the field of massage therapy and kinesiotaping.
After one year of studying dietetics she decided for medicine at the Medical University of Maribor and did lots of research in the field of human body performance and reaching maximum physical potential using holistic approach and active lifestyle.
She’s also a nature lover, enjoys great company and sports activities such as running, riding a bike, swimming and others. She believes in the power of sun, sea and good coffee.

My work

She’s worked with variety of sports teams and recreational athletes during her school and study years. Her first step into professional sports was in 2018 with USA Cycling junior teams.
She did courses in the field of performance coaching at the Faculty of Sports and additional workshops in the fiels of sports massage. She’s taking online and live LLL courses in clinical nutrition for ESPEN diploma.
Since 2023 Ana is a medical doctor and a member of Performance Group at Specialized Factory Racing Team. At the same time she offers treatments, consultations and helps individual athletes from different fields to optimize training and racing process.
She believes that we can reach body’s maximal potential by following biomechanical, physiological
and mental components. Professional and personalized approach is key to simultaneously achieve peak performance, long-term health and well-being.

Offered services

Experience and references

So far she has worked with following teams:

  • Rally Cycling (Road),
  • UnoX Cycling Team (Road),
  • USA Cycling (Road, MTB, Velo)
  • Team31 (MTB).

Currently she is a member of Performance Group at Specialized Factory Racing Team (MTB).

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